Children National Institute was started in the year 1947 by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, primarily as a home for children who were separated from their parents due to partition of India. Those children have well settled in life in due course of time. Now orphans, unwanted and destitute children are given shelter irrespective of cost, creed or religion and live in a family like atmosphere with a lady superintendent attending on them like a mother figure, supported by a cook and three ayahs.

          From the beginning, the home is being managed and run by distinguished and dedicated persons like Justice P.N. Sapru, Mrs. Shyam Kumari Khan,           Miss Rahima Sharif, Dr. Vatsala Samant, Dr. Kamal Sthalekar,   Mrs. Shobha Sparu & Mrs. Rashida Khan.

          The Children celebrate all the festivals irrespective of religion and are given special food and new clothes for the occasion. Each child is happy and well-fed.

          Our endeavor and aim is to ensure healthy emotional, mental and physical development of the Children and to maintain an ideal home for them, who would otherwise be on the roads begging and doing child labour.

          The children apart from going to school are also members of Jawahar Bal Bhawan, where they participate in various creative activities and learn art and craft. You can extend a helping hand to these children by donating to ensure a secured and bright future. Your donations will go a long way in looking after their needs and requirements.

          You along with your family members can spend some time and interact with the children on holidays or during free time and engage them in indoor games, puzzles, story-telling, embroidery and other such useful activity.

Children National Institute is a non-political, non-religious and autonomous body.

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